Things Built By Michael Hasson

My name is Michael Hasson and I love building things. This post is meant to be a running list of some of the things I have built over the years. Enjoy!

Woodturning Projects:

Oak Vase


Segmented Bowl – Mahogany, Cherry, & Maple

Segmented Mahogany Maple Cherry Bowl

Segmented Mahogany Maple Cherry Bowl front

Segmented Poplar Vase


Segmented Poplar Bowl


Garage Shelves

garage shelves








I’ve never been a fan of saggy garage shelves so when we moved in to our current home I made sure to beef up the design. These garage shelves are built to last and didn’t cost much either. For more details on how I built these garage shelves, read my post on the Stack Exchange Home Improvement blog.




Outdoor Swing

Wooden Outdoor Swing






I build this swing for my Mom several years ago and it’s still standing strong. Probably could use a new paint job by now…

Robotic RC Crawler